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Security Services


Adria Exclusive takes client’s security very seriously as one of our main VIP services among others.

In terms of security, we offer consulting services, operational plans preparation and offer complete logistics in security operations. Our offer is valid for jobs in all conditions and with all levels of risk and threat. Our staff is highly trained and has international certifications.

Client security is one of the most important parts of organizing clients itinerary.

Private Jet Charter

Demand for private jet charters is on the rise in today’s world

In today’s world, travel privacy and safety has fueled the demand for private jet charters. Used not only by companies and celebrities, but also by everyone who wants to be in charge of their schedule, time and safety.

Nothing compares to the speed and personalized service that private jet passengers receive.

Flying private above all saves time, increases safety and eliminates stress and frustration, allowing you to focus on your work or spending time with your family once on board.

Mykonos Greece

Cosmopolitan, rustic and flamboyant Mykonos

The very mention of the captivating Greek island of Mykonos brings to mind hedonistic indulgences, sublime beaches and cosmopolitan atmosphere, all of which continue to make it one of the most exciting and popular islands in the Mediterranean. Set amongst the idyllic Cyclades archipelago, this world-famous island was discovered by the bohemian travelers of the 1960’s and has since become renowned for its glitzy party lifestyle.