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Adria Exclusive

Luxury concierge services elevating every experience through imaginatively tailored details


Adria Exclusive Concierge Services were established in 2013. Our vision is to reclaim paradise for the world’s most privileged individuals. We pride ourselves on the confidentiality and security of our VIPs, whilst creating an accessible experience. We are recognized as one of the leading choices for global luxury concierge services in Mediterranean and worldwide. 


In a world where the concept of ‘luxury’ has become overused to the point of obscurity, we stand for a return to its classic sense. We exist in a space where exceptional service and delivery are assumed. So, we elevate every experience through imaginatively tailored details, executed with elegance.


Whether you are a private or corporate client, you can access our flexible concierge services on a temporary, permanent, on-call or seasonal basis. Our dynamic team will ensure you receive your preferred level of assistance, meeting your needs down to the minutest detail.

Adria Exclusive’s concierge services can include private jet, yacht charter, limo service, villa rentals, VIP bookings and events, and personal protection.

Ibiza, Spain

Magical, alluring and inspirational Ibiza

The Balearic Islands offer some of the most enchanting spots in the Western Mediterranean and Ibiza is definitely one of the most famous, scenic and popular ones.

It has become well known for its association with nightlife, electronic dance music and for the summer club scene. Even though it is a mecca for disco madness and home to some of the best-loved clubs in the world, this Spanish island is also a destination of culture and grace, awash with historic architecture, designer cuisine and contemporary art.

VIP Concierge Services

Join Adria Exclusive family

A luxury concierge represents a tailor-made service, where the client’s needs are carefully listened to and taken care of.

Adria Exclusive concierge service can add a true value to your life and most importantly offer today’s most priceless commodity – your time.

Modern women and men in today’s world know that time is their most precious resource. When you’re always connected and on-the-go, your time is the one thing you can never get back.