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Security Services

Adria Exclusive takes client’s security very seriously as one of our main VIP services among others.

In terms of security, we offer consulting services, operational plans preparation and offer complete logistics in security operations. Our offer is valid for jobs in all conditions and with all levels of risk and threat. Our staff is highly trained and has international certifications.

Client security is one of the most important parts of organizing clients itinerary.

We provide security professionals to help our clients understand and treat their security risks. This may be in support of a project, period of change, expansion or to address a specific security need, using an industry-leading risk methodology. Our consultancy approach is delivered by an experienced and diverse consulting team, supported by our analysts, investigators, instructors and others as needed.

Strategic security consulting identifies and examines threats and risks to clients and ensures their mitigation strategy is appropriately focused and resourced. We work with celebrities, CEOs, single or family groups to ensure that security resources are aligned to meet the standards.

Executive security consultancy is focused on people and implementation. It includes assessing security management, outsourced providers and operational planning and implementation. Adria Exclusive can advise security process in many areas: guard force, executive protection or development of operational processes. By embedding an executive protection professional, clients will have that extra step with extra capacity for a specific need or to push through change. We provide tailored solutions on a national or international scale and offer relevant solutions to immediate and foreseeable problems. ​ ​

Our consultants can provide a well-documented and effective analysis, presented in a context-relevant package. This results in efficient and effective projects that accomplish objectives in a timely, cost effective manner.

Whether the threat is immediate and pressing or anticipated, Adria Exclusive professionals will respond with training for:

  • Security Management
  • Close/Executive Protection
  • Conflict management
  • B6 Armored Vehicle Operations
  • Consulting
  • Crisis Response
  • Intelligence
  • Maritime Security
  • Covert Surveillance  
  • Bespoke Continuous Professional

Our discreet, highly trained and experienced personnel will ensure you can work or play in safety, with total of peace of mind.