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Personal concierge to manage your lifestyle


Personal handlers, or so-called personal lifestyle concierge is a very important service that supports the client in all areas required to manage his/her lifestyle.

No matter how demanding your work or lifestyle, we can help find that consummate professional to assist you with every aspect, be it on business or holiday.

The role of a personal concierge is to free your time, so that you can spend maximum time on the things that are important to you and we’ll take care of the rest.

Responsibilities typically include acting as first point of contact, managing client’s meetings, booking and arranging travel, organizing itinerary and most importantly making sure that all client’s needs are taken care of.

Adria Exclusive’s personal concierge handlers are discreet and trustworthy, flexible and adaptable, able to multitask and be proactive, by knowing and respecting client’s standards at all times. They are proven to be a great resource to our clients all around the world.

Since we know our clients time is the most valuable, we are pleased to offer on-site personal concierge to elevate the care for them and their family members. Our personal handlers have a total control on every on-site task, ready to arrive few days before the client and inform him/her about all the necessary details, place of arrival and itinerary program. We can arrange on-site personal handlers on any location worldwide.

You can absolutely trust our team of professionals with all your personal errands. Our dynamic team will ensure you receive your preferred level of assistance, meeting your needs down to the minutest detail.

Adria Exclusive’s goal is to allow you to have more time to do the things you love and enjoy the most in life.