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Once you land with your private jet its time to hop on your yacht charter and start visiting all the great places on Croatian coast

Croatia is one of Europe’s sunniest spots.

Visitors should expect 12 hours of sunshine a day in May and June, on average, and 13 in July and August.

Rich with nature and beautiful coast with a lot of islands all around the Croatian coast.

Just don’t go hoping for sand. Croatia is all about picturesque pebbled beaches, lapped by crystal clear water.

Reservations in the best restaurants and clubs are already made, so start enjoying the food and night vibe of luxurious offers from great restaurants.

If you are feeling like going to main land, your limo service is ready. Best place to see is Zagreb, “a world away from the sun-soaked islands and seascapes of the Adriatic, with a charm all of its own.”

The city is bursting at the seams with fabulous cafes, restaurants, and night clubs.

Adria Exclusive concierge services offers services to all of her clients, starting from renting the best villas on the coast, booking private jets and yacht charters, limo service, private handlers who will make sure all your wishes are complied, security, to personal shoppers.

Variety of services available to our private clients, confidentiality, great and spotless services, makes Adria Exclusive one of the leading concierge companies.

Our portfolio includes celebrities, company ceo’s, Royal families, from all around the Globe.

Time saved, enjoy.

See you in Croatia 2019

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