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The complete luxury experience from Adria Exclusive

This would explain the huge explosion in demand for luxury travel and to be more specific, unique luxury experiences. High end shampoo and fresh towel service is becoming less relevant to things like landing on an iceberg in the Arctic or chartering a luxury yacht in the Mediterranean. 

As demand for luxury experiences booms, luxury travel providers are stepping up their offerings by creating unique and once-in-a-lifetime experiences that affluent travelers are demanding. These higher end clients are looking for adventures beyond the usual go-to destinations.

Croatia is one of those up and coming luxury destinations that appears on the radar of luxury travel partners and our friends at Adria Exclusive have been offering unique luxury experiences in the area for many years. To keep up with demand, AE has used its expertise in the region to expand their services to offer a complete luxury experience when traveling to Croatia, Serbia and the very desirable Montenegro.

AE has recently updated their website for an improved VIP user experience.

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